Overcoming the 5 Biggest Frustrations Business Owners Face

Overcoming the 5 Biggest Frustrations Business Owners Face

Overcoming the 5 Biggest Frustrations Business Owners Face

Stalled Growth.  People Issues.  Lack of Clarity.  Easily Distracted.  Lack of Purpose and Joy.

In working with business owners we continue to see these frustrations and others keep owners awake at night and be frustrated during the day.  These frustrations are a sign they are not getting what they want from their business and their life.

While there are many frustrations that keep owners awake at night, the following are the big 5 frustrations:


For the risk you take and the amount of sweat equity you invest into the business you simply are not making enough money.


Managing the seemingly unending conflicts and personality clashes are exhausting.


It feels like there are never enough hours in the day to complete what needs to be done.

Stalled Growth

It feels like everything has hit a ceiling from sales, to being able to attract the right people, to your own personal growth.

Nothing Is Working

You and your team keep re-creating the wheel in terms of how to manage the business.  You have a patchwork of goal setting, planning, and evaluation approaches that are not working.

If you can relate to some or all of these common frustrations, don’t worry, you are not alone.  But you don’t have to accept these frustrations as givens.  We help business owners overcome these frustrations by becoming strong in the 6 areas critical to success.

Overcoming the Biggest Frustrations Business Owners Face

Owners that strengthen each of the following 6 areas gain more control, joy and profit from their business, and feel much better about their life:


Get that future preferred picture you have for your company out of your head and communicate it to your team so as you can get everyone 100% on the same page.


Get the right people who share your core values into the right seats that will allow them to make the greatest contribution to the company.


Too many businesses are ran on subjective measures that do not provide a pulse on the business.  Instead, identify the few weekly objective measures that will allow you to proactively manage the business.


Successful people and teams are great at identifying, discussing and solving their issues.


When everyone does the work their way, there are too many inefficiencies and inconsistencies.  Instead document your way of doing business at a simplified, high-level and ensure it is followed by all.


Create a culture of discipline and accountability where everyone is crystal clear on their few priorities for each quarter.

We are passionate about helping owners live the life they have always wanted by helping them at the company, team and individual leader level – we help owners remove the frustrations that keep them awake at night.

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